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Condition One Anti Cant Device (ACD) for C1 MAX- .250" longer stem Tan


The C1 ACD is a leveling instrument designed for the C1 line of mounts to ensure that the weapon system is level before a shot is taken. It can be mounted on any C1 mount left/right fore/aft. It can be used in conjunction with and opposing other accessories or alone on the mount utilizing the provided standalone puck. The Level itself can be user calibrated to ensure that it is properly aligned to the user’s scope/weapon system. The level is made from a 3/4” glass vial and filled with a ceramic BB as opposed to an air bubble to ensure better accuracy and quicker response at different temperatures and pressures. The C1 ACD housing also allows the end user to attach a commonly procured tritium vial (no more than 10mmx3mm, not included with or sold by Badger Ordnance) to the level for use during low light/no light operation. 7075 T6 Aluminum, Mil Spec Type III Hardcoat Anodized, tan or blk. Weight .63 oz.

DISCLAIMER: This version is designed for the C1 MAX and has a .250" longer stem to allow clearance of the vial housing. This version will still fit on a standard C1 but will not fit as close to the mount.

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Color: Tan

Finish: Anodized

Installation: User Installed

Issue: No

Material: Aluminum

Platform Spec: No