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30 mm Scope Ring - Medium High (1.00")


The Badger Ordnance 30mm Medium High Scope Ring are optimized for use with most 30mm optics in current use and accommodate precision rifles with medium and heavy contour barrel profiles. They are machined from Ordnance Grade Steel and Black Oxide finished.

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Color: Black

Country of manufacture: United States

Finish: Black Oxide

Issue: No

Material: Steel

Platform Spec: No

Screw pattern front: 4

Screw pattern rear: 4

Screw pattern set: 4 & 4

Spec: M1913 (Picatinny)

Height: Medium High

Diameter: 30 MM

Center: 1.0"

Outer Height: 1.98"

Outer Width: 1.75"

Thickness: 0.625