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GA Precision

G.A. Precision has been in business since 1999. We strive to create top quality professional grade rifles that are not only precise, but are also affordable, In doing this, it is our mandate to never sacrifice quality. At G.A. Precision we use only top-notch, field-tested, durable parts and accessories.

Direct Action Resource Center (DARC)

Direct Action Resource Center is a security training services firm that specializes in tactical, technical, and strategic planning, developmental training, testing, evaluation, and implementation for the military, private enterprises and public agencies. Our core competencies are centered on actual experience and know-how, as well as institutional and academic knowledge.

Defoor Proformance

Kyle Defoor is a professional shooter who teaches firearms and tactics to military, law enforcement, and civilians. Specializing in pistol, carbine, urban sniper, and CQB, Kyle gained his knowledge from decorated combat service in multiple war fronts as a special operator and as one of the first and premier tactical trainers in the world.

Northern Red

Northern Red stands ready to provide security solutions in high-threat environments — and develop others to do the same. Shaped by the toughest military training in the world, and forged in today’s hostile and war environments, the Northern Red team is considered to be part of what some define as “The American Warrior Class”.

Colorado Precision Rifle

Colorado Precision Rifle’s goal is to provide the most cutting edge and highest quality products and instruction. As instructors and competitors we have fired and closely observed hundreds of thousands of rounds of precision rifle fire. We use this experience in our selection of products and pass this knowledge on to you. We only sell what we have tested, used, and believe in.


R4Evolution is a disabled veteran-owned company that provides comprehensive and cost-effective security solutions by partnering successful business executives and retired Special Forces Operators (Green Berets). With access to an extensive pool of personnel, R4E is dedicated to providing a customized security solution for our clients.