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Leading from the front For Over 30 years

For over 30 years, Badger Ordnance has been an innovator in precision mounting systems and military grade weapon enhancements, and we’re just getting started.

Trusted by those whom we entrust.

More than any other precision mounting system, Badger Ordnance is trusted and used by the Soldiers, Sailors and Marines that protect and ensure our freedom.

Uncompromised quality. Unparalleled performance.

From meticulous quality control and top of the line material to exceptional design and engineering, the results are consistent; performance you can count on without question.

Your Needs, Her Needs

Badger Ordnance offers a larger variety of scope ring heights, sizes, and accessories than any other manufacturer in the firearms industry.
Regardless of where your mission, hunt or leisure may take you we have a solution that will meet the needs of both you and your rifle.

100% American Made

From material to manufacturing, Badger products are 100% American Made. Manufacturing over 200 individual products, each item is machined and assembled by Americans, from American materials.


AR Platform Performance

From Muzzle Devices to Ambidextrous Controls to Precision Mounting Systems, Badger Ordnance manufactures performance-based products for your AR series platform.

Micro FTE Muzzle Brake
TRAMP Bipod Mount
34mm Unimount, 1.30"
G3 Charging Handle, 5.56mm
Universal Safely Selection

Bolt Action Excellence

Regardless of what your mission, hunt, or leisure requires, Badger Ordnance has a Mounting System or Precision Upgrade to meet your needs.

M5 Detachable Magazine System
34mm Scope Rings, Medium 1.125"
M2013 Rile Action
EFR Night Vision Integrator
TRAMP Bipod Mount
FTE Muzzle Brake

Badger M2013 Rifle Action

Available in Long and Short Action variants, the M2013 combines precision machining, improved extraction cam for lighter bolt lift, and breeching ring lock up to a 6 on 3 lug bolt pattern.

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  • 4142 Steel

    Precision Machined from 4142 Steel for a lifetime of bulletproof operation.

  • 6 on 3 Lug Pattern

    Uses 6 bolt lugs on a 3 lug pattern for uncompromised strength on lock up.

  • Multiple Calibers

    Available in several Short Action and Long Action bolt face options.

  • Highest Tolerances

    Machined to exacting tolerances throughout. Precision you can count on.